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What we do


We love our job, we always play, we need to stun, we like to move on.

  • we are multi-disciplinary
  • we are multi-task
  • we are multi-purpose
  • we are multi-level
  • 100% pure design
  • 100% pure engineering
  • 100% pure communication
  • 360° creative contamination
  • we travel
  • we listen
  • we teach
  • we understand needs


In a unpredictable and uncertain society, innovation is not enough to ensure the success of a new product or interiors. A new generation of products and services consistent with the sociocultural and economic changes that are taking place and an environmentally sustainability, is the new challenge. Working methods established by the experience, cutting-edge tools and talented people, make DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini a team of excellence in business support.

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini studies the trends and market changes:
- feedback from the market and society
- adjustment to comapny background
- guidelines for design and innovation
- support for the strategic choices

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini produces supporting documents to the choices:
- Product Identity Identification
- Technology Directives and Guidelines
- Design Guide

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini carries out the process that brings an idea to become a product:
- concepts & visions
- definition of design
- 3D design and prototyping
- chromatology and product graphics
- user interface and ergonomic
- photorealistic render


In una società imprevedibile e incerta l'innovazione da sola non è più sufficiente per garantire il successo di un nuovo prodotto o ambiente. Una nuova generazione di prodotti e di servizi coerenti con le trasformazioni economiche e socioculturali in atto e sostenibili per l'ambiente è la nuova sfida. Metodi di lavoro consolidati dall'esperienza, strumenti all'avanguardia e persone di talento, fanno di DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini un team di eccellenza nel supporto alle aziende.

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini studia le tendenze e le trasformazioni del mercato:
- feedback del mercato e della società
- adeguamento alla realtà aziendale
- linee guida per il design e per l'innovazione
- supporto alle scelte strategiche

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini produce documenti di supporto alle scelte:
- Product Identity Identification
- Technology Directives and Guidelines
- Design Guide

DNA | Kaluderovic & Condini realizza il processo che porta un'idea a diventare un prodotto:
- concetti & visions
- definizione del design progettazione 3D e prototipazione
- studio cromatologico e grafiche prodotto
- interfaccia utente ed ergonomi
- render fotorealistici

Interior Design

We offers a complete interior architecture and design service that combine the best Italian style with an always individually tailored that meets needs, mindset and budget of the client.

Personal Mood

We have always believed that luxury is in the experience. We love working with people who live life to the full. Real luxury is being able to do what you want, when you want to.

For us, this involves leaving behind the crowds, finding somewhere beautiful and meeting inspiring people who show us their way of life..

Development Management

We fully manage each project from concept through to completion with meticulous attention to detail.

Services offered include:
- Space planning and specifications for construction
- Furniture and lighting design
- Photo realistic 3D render
- Accessories & styling
- Full "turnkey" service

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